Dear Parishioners and Friends of St. Peter’s,

Each year, we rely on the generosity of our parishioners to donate toward the cost of flowers to decorate our worship space for Easter.  Even though we will be most likely live streaming again for Easter, we still want to decorate our worship space to radiate Easter joy!

So, we invite you to mail in your donation by Sunday, March 14, 2021.  This year, due to Covid-19, flower orders must be placed by March 15.

If you would like to offer your donation in memory of a loved one(s) who has died, you may include their name(s) on the form.

All donations and memorial offerings will be published and acknowledged in our weekly email.

We ask you to print out this form:  Easter Flowers 2021

Please mail it into our Parish Office along with your donation. 

Please be mindful that there are still mail delays due to Covid-19 so please plan ahead.  Thank you for your generosity!