The Parish knows that we are competing for the attention, time, and engagement of the youth and their families in our greater community. Today’s families have so many options, and demands, when it comes to how they spend their time and build their schedules.

There are many things calling us, demanding our attention. Today’s family has sports and other activities on Sundays. Every day of the week is jam-packed with jobs, classes, practices, rehearsals, and homework. Sunday may be the only morning for sleeping in, family breakfasts, or sleepovers.

Today’s youth and their parents face all of the issues that traditionally challenge families and they face so much more! Today’s youths are bombarded by social media 24/7, competition is more intense than ever before, and isolation and feelings of loneliness have become an epidemic in the lives of our children.

Saint Peter’s Youth and Family Ministry is up for the challenge…
Actively pursuing the engagement of youths and their families from within our community, with the intention of helping individuals to discover and develop their faith through relevant, experiential, dynamic, learning activities and service to others.

Our new Faith Formation and Youth Group programs share the message in a way that interests, intrigues, engages, and empowers participants. Not only teaching what scripture says but what it means!

It’s important to know what biblical people were facing historically, but for our youth, it may be even more important to know how scripture applies to what they’re facing! It does apply and it does help them as they navigate their way through life.

That means the Parish is meeting you where you are, as a youth, as parents, and as families, by offering experiences to discover and grow in faith, support parents and teens navigating today’s virtual and real-world challenges, discover your individual gifts, and actively participate in serving others in our community and far beyond!

We know that families make time for what is important. We invite all families and youths of all ages to join us:


  • Pre-School (through 5th grade) at 10 am in the Carriage House
  • Youth Group (6th grade through 12th grade) meets every other week throughout the program year Sunday following worship at 11 am in the Carriage House

Come and discover what it means to be a disciple and how discipleship will change us and everyone we encounter! Jesus is still calling us, asking us to follow him!

If you would like more information, or to register your child or youth please contact Wendy Reardon at