Growing In Faith

Adult Spiritual Formation & Small Groups

  • Do you want a more personal, spirit-filled relationship with God?
  • Do you need spiritual renewal in your life?
  • Are you seeking something more?

Here at St. Peter’s, folks meet regularly to connect with each other, to grow in their faith, and to pray together. We offer a safe place to journey through the joys and challenges of everyday life.

Spiritual Formation is the lifelong process of finding and falling in love with God. Every one of us is on a life-long journey of faith and are on a journey as a disciple of Jesus Christ. Throughout the year, St. Peter’s offers wide variety of faith formation programs and faith-sharing opportunities for all adults that explore our Christian faith. We gather to discuss faith, to go deeper in the weekly message, and support one another in our relationship with Christ. We want to share our faith with you and be nourished by your faith.

Youth Ministry

“Church School” (or “CCD” for those who grew up in the Roman Catholic Church) is really a thing of the past and does not work anymore. When kids come to church, after being in school all week, they do not want to sit in a classroom. So, we try to make church fun and engaging and create an atmosphere where they can be involved.

Throughout the year, we offer many Youth Ministry programs and events as well as Family Formation sessions.

The goal of Youth Ministry is to empower young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world. We seek to provide our young people with the tools for discipleship through catechesis, service, ministry, and leadership opportunities.

Young people have a hunger for connection, to be in relationship, and to belong.

St. Peter’s is Being a ‘youth friendly’ community that welcomes young people, values their participation, and calls forth their gifts in all areas of parish life.

At St. Peter’s, we seek to assist parents, as the primary teachers of the faith, in helping our young people to develop a personal relationship with Jesus. We strive to support families of young people by providing resources and programs.

"Life In The Spirit" Praise & Worship Nights

This spiritual renewal series will help participants to renew their relationship with God, deepen their prayer life and create a stronger awareness of the Holy Spirit in their lives. This community-wide renewal series is not only for parishioners but is open to people of all backgrounds and all religious denominations. Each session will include prayer, Scripture readings, praise and worship music, a talk/reflection on the theme of the evening, small group discussions and closing prayer.