Saint Peter's Episcopal Church

351 Elm Street

Dartmouth, Massachusetts

Welcoming. Engaging. Life-Giving.

About Us

The Episcopal Church welcomes all of your questions about God, faith and the church. There is room for everyone in our church.


Our church is grounded in history but we express our faith in contemporary ways as we strive to be a beacon of Christ’s light in our world.


We gather each week to praise God and to celebrate Holy Eucharist.  Just as Jesus shared a meal with his friends, we share bread and wine and we celebrate his presence.  The sacraments “do something” in our lives.  We become renewed and strengthened to do God’s work in the world.


We are witness to the gospel of Jesus Christ.  We help build strong families and help our children learn about God.  We respond to Jesus’ invitation to serve the poor, the hungry and the homeless.  We are God’s light in the world.


The Episcopal Church is inclusive.  No matter where you have been on your spiritual journey, you are welcome here.  No matter what your life story is, you have a place here.  All people are welcome at God’s Holy Table. No matter your marital situation, sexual orientation or creed, there is a place for you at St. Peter’s Episcopal Church.


If you have left your former spiritual tradition, come and experience our worship and our deep sense of inclusion and hospitality.  If you have been made to feel unwelcome in another church, you will experience something different here.  We welcome everyone as Jesus welcomes all of us with no barriers or boundaries.


Welcome.  This is where you belong.